How to Save Energy and Money by Improving Your Home in Coventry and Warwickshire

Benefits of Saving Energy

We live in an age where energy is an absolute necessity to maintain our lifestyle and it goes beyond the basics of providing comfort and convenience. We only need to think back to the last power cut to understand the reality of life without energy, when nothing that you've come to be dependent on works.

  • Saving energy means wasting less money
  • Saving energy means wasting less primary fuel (coal, gas, oil, uranium)
  • Saving energy means producing less pollution

In fact, there isn't a good reason to not save energy!

The Importance of Saving Energy

Energy is a limited resource, it's limited by what we can afford, the infrastructure needed to make and distribute it and the availability of the raw materials. Reducing the amount that each one of us consumes addresses all of those issues.

One of the main concerns for many is the pollution caused in the generation process and how that impacts on the climate. Pollution from fossil fuel generation is immediate as the fuel is consumed and converted into energy and with the waste products of carbon dioxide and other gases escape into the atmosphere. The waste gases are known to add to the global warming process which is thought to be changing the climate.

Nuclear power may be less of an immediate issue but recent events in Russia and Japan have highlighted the vulnerability of these facilities and the extreme consequences when things go wrong. The waste from nuclear power generation also has long term issues with uncertainties about the safe storage of the material for the future.

There is some effort going into extracting energy from “renewable” sources such as wind and solar, but those have other issues like they can‘t be relied upon 24 hours a day or they’re too difficult to locate.

Further research will produce viable alternatives to our energy problems but nothing as cheap and effective and immediate as saving energy through efficient products and behaviour.

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