How to Save Energy and Money by Improving Your Home in Coventry and Warwickshire

Energy Saving Case Study 6

The Property
The Property
Air Source Heat Pump
Air Source Heat Pump
Photo Voltaic Panels
Photo Voltaic Panels

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Location: Warwickshire
House Age: Modern (1970 - Now)
Bedrooms: 4+

Energy Saving Improvement 1

Type: Heat Pumps
Contractor: Stratford Energy Solutions Ltd
Description: Danfoss DHP-AQ (11kW) Air Source Heat Pump
Cost: £13,000 (2011)

Energy Saving Improvement 2

Type: Photovoltaics
Contractor: Stratford Energy Solutions Ltd
Description: Schuceo PV Panels (3.87kWp)
Cost: £10,000 (2011)

Energy Saving Improvements Details

The new heating system was installed in 2011 as a replacement for an LPG boiler. The heat pump supplies the previous system without the need for additional radiators.

PV panels were fitted at the same time to provide electricity for the heat pump. This means a greater proportion of the electricity generated is used in the house rather than exported.

The system was installed and up and running within 2 weeks with very little mess and disruption. The service from the installers was excellent and they were happy to come back if there were any concerns.

The first 6 months electricity bill was a bit worrying at £900 but it was for the winter period and we received £580 in FIT and £850 RHP. We expect the running costs to average around £1,400 for a full year, half the cost of the LPG boiler and are very happy with it.

We haven't needed to use any supplementary heating at all over the winter months although we retained an LPG fire just in case.

We're looking forward to the introduction of the Renewable Heat Initiative being introduced which will further reduce our costs.

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