How to Save Energy and Money by Improving Your Home in Coventry and Warwickshire

Energy Saving Case Study 8

The Property
The Property
Loft insulation
Loft insulation
Condensing gas boiler
Condensing gas boiler
LED lighting
LED lighting
Photovoltaic panels
Photovoltaic panels

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Location: Warwickshire
House Age: Modern (1970 - Now)
Bedrooms: 1-4

Energy Saving Improvement 1

Type: Loft Insulation
Contractor: Heatsavers Insulation Ltd
Description: 200mm glass fibre insulation added to existing 100mm from when the house was built
Cost: £80 (2001)

Energy Saving Improvement 2

Type: Boilers
Contractor: Hotsprings Ltd
Description: Viessmann 100W gas fired high efficiency boiler
Cost: £2,000 (2010)

Energy Saving Improvement 3

Type: Low Energy Lights
Contractor: DIY (householder installed measure)
Description: 4 Watt LED candle bulbs
Cost: £7 each (2013)

Energy Saving Improvement 4

Type: Photovoltaics
Contractor: Stratford Energy Solutions Ltd
Description: 6 PV panels totalling 2kWp mounted on a south facing roof with a Sunny Boy inverter in the roof space
Cost: £6,000 (2012)

Energy Saving Improvements Details

The house is a 2 bedroom modern end terrace property and is fully insulated with a high efficiency central heating system.

The house was build with cavity wall insulation but has now had the loft insulation increased to 350mm and replacement double glazing and doors.

The heating system controls have also been upgraded to include a programmable room thermostat, a twin programmer and thermostatic radiator valves.

All lights are now low energy with a combination of CFLs and LEDs and the appliances are all A rated.

The latest addition is a 2kW photovoltaic array on the south facing roof with a Sunny Boy inverter fitted in the roof space and installed in May 2012. An Immersun control has also been added to provide hot water from the PV system.

A 2012 energy performance certificate (EPC) has been carried out, putting the house in band B with a rating of SAP84 and producing 1.1tCO2 annually.

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