How to Save Energy and Money by Improving Your Home in Coventry and Warwickshire

Energy Saving Calculator

The most difficult thing to do when wanting to save energy is to know where to start. What are your options and how effective and expensive are they because not everyone has the same choices, they depend on the way your home is built and how you use it.

The energy calculator creates an energy model of your home based on the information you provide. The more information, the more accurate the model will be and the less it will rely on averages. You can start with very basic information such as the size, type and age of the house to get a rough idea but then add more detail to make it more accurate.
Once you know where energy is being consumed you can decide the most appropriate way of reducing it from the results provided.

The calculator estimates how much energy is needed for heating, hot water and lighting and how much could be saved by adopting different improvement methods.

It works out how much money could be saved using average energy costs and average installation costs for carrying out each improvement, so you can see the most cost effective things you can do.

An improvement measure that appears quite expensive to carry out but saves a considerable amount of energy may actually be the most cost effective.

The end result will be a list of recommendations as to the most appropriate improvements you can make, how much they are likely to cost and how much you could potentially save.

The information provided should only be taken as a guide to identify potential improvements that should save energy, reduce your energy costs and improve comfort. You should then contact a local contractor to give you a quotation for the work and an estimate for the potential savings.

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