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Local Energy Saving Communities, Groups and Projects

Local Community Groups

There are numerous local community groups committed to specific issues including energy conservation. This may be to help people to keep warm affordably and reduce their overall energy costs, to address the environmental problems associated with Energy Saving Community Group climate change or to help their community move away from dependence on oil and other fuels which are beginning to run out.

Some groups are formally constituted organisations and may also be registered charities. Others may be groups of like-minded individuals who have joined behind someone who has the time and enthusiasm to maintain the group. Some groups may have a single interest which when satisfied, disband. Others may continue for many years devoting their time to different aspects of their chosen subject.

This website gives an opportunity for established and new groups to make their presence known to their local community. If you are involved in a group then tell us about it and we'll promote it here. If one of the groups mentioned below has changed in some way, please let us know so that the details remain accurate and potentially help you attract more members.

Grant Opportunity for Community Groups

Grant opportunity for community groups

Warwickshire Groups

Act on Energy

Act on Energy is a formally constituted organisation and a registered charity with 6 unpaid trustees and based in the village of Wellesbourne. It is dedicated to reducing the environmental impacts associated with climate change and the social impacts of declining fuel resources, their inevitable increase in cost and the inability of many to afford adequate heating.

The organisation was set up in 1998 by Stratford on Avon District Council as in independent advice service supporting the Energy Saving Trust to provide the local community with free and impartial advice on energy conservation. It has 5 staff and provides a range of services through agreements with local councils and housing associations in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Coventry and Solihull.

One of the main services is an information call centre to support local schemes such as “Warm and Well in Warwickshire”, “Warmer Worcestershire” and “Keeping Coventry Warm”. They also support local community events with exhibitions, presentations, training and school activities and can provide thermal imaging surveys and energy audits.

For more information:
Tel: 01789 472691

Community Energy Warwickshire

Community Energy Warwickshire is a formally constituted organisation established as a Community Benefit Society or co-operative and registered in Stratford upon Avon. It was created to plan, finance and organise the installation of community based renewable energy schemes and support other community action to reduce energy consumption.

The organisation was created in 2011 with 20 founder members and now has 90 shareholders from whom a board of directors is drawn. CEW is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority to raise capital through share issues for each renewable energy project.

The first project installed 60kWp of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of Warwick and Stratford Hospitals. This was followed up by providing “Energy Saver” training to hospital staff in several training sessions. CEW is currently working on projects to place more solar PV systems on local hospital roofs and at local schools. They have also been investigating proposals for micro-hydro generation on the River Leam and for the generation of energy from anaerobic digestion of local food waste.

For more information:
Tel: 01789 290736

Renewable Energy Club (REC)

REC was launched in December 2007 to give mutual support and encourage others to become more knowledgeable, gain confidence and invest in their own on-site generation. The club has a constitution and members are actively encouraged to reduce their use of fossil fuels before or within a reasonable period of time after joining.

They initially directed their efforts at Warwick District residents but have welcomed interest from further afield.

For more information:

Fillongley Carbon Reduction Club

Fillongley Carbon Reduction Club was formed in November 2009 with the objective of encouraging those who live in, work in or visit Fillongley to use energy in a more sustainable way and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Club wants to help everyone save energy and money, and hopes to achieve this by demonstrating to each household in a very practical way, how taking energy saving measures can significantly reduce fuel bills.

For more information:

Making Henley Greener

Making Henley Greener is a voluntary group providing free information and advice about energy saving and other measures which help to combat Climate Change.

For more information:

Harbury Energy Initiative (HEI)

HEI is a village group formed to reduce Harbury‘s carbon footprint and villagers’ energy costs. It was established in 2010 to inform villagers of energy saving opportunities and take the lead implementing projects of common interest.

HEI have involved the local primary school to audit the energy awareness and practices within the village and to present their findings along with education materials at an event opened by the local Stratford MP. HEI has raised more the £45,000 to improve the energy efficiency of community buildings and helped develop bulk buying savings (PV, oil).

For more information:
Address: 10 Chapel Street, Harbury, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV33 9HT

Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change (SACC)

SACC was formed in 2007 and is a group of eight residents tasked with reducing the carbon footprint of our village through education and practical measures.

We have seen through many initiatives including recycling, energy monitoring and working with the school. SACC ran a community solar programme resulting in 40 installations of photovoltaic solar panels including three community buildings which now produce income for grant funding for further carbon reduction projects in the village.

We meet monthly in the village hall and welcome new members and visitors.

For more information:
Telephone: 01789 731348

Other Organisations (with sustainability interests)

Transition Town Groups

The “Transition Town” movement emerged out of a grass roots desire for communities to live more sustainably and particularly to develop alternatives to an oil based economy. The first UK group was based in Totnes, Devon and many other communities have established their own group along the same lines.

Agenda 21 Groups

The “Earth Summit” held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 addressed the issue of Global Warming or Climate Change as it is now known. As well as the UK agreeing to limit the emission of greenhouse gasses, there was a demand to support communities create local initiatives. This was called an “Agenda for the 21st Century” or Agenda 21.

This became a worldwide initiative with an undertaking that local councils would produce their own plan involving consultation with the community on sustainable development, because it is the people in the area who have the local knowledge needed to make sensible decisions for their future. In Warwickshire the organisation was called Action 21.

Action 21 is a volunteer-powered charity based in Leamington Spa. They run practical projects in and around Warwick District that engage and inspire people to live more sustainably; through sustainable food, transport, energy and re-using.

They sell and accept donations of furniture, electrical goods, books & household items at our Re-Useful Centre in Sydenham, which is open 7 days a week between 10am to 4pm and sell refurbished second hand bikes at our Re-Useful Centre.

They promote sustainability ideas, run workshops, and have a rentable space at their Sustainability Centre at East Lodge, Jephson Gardens and can help you generate your own energy.

For more information:
Tel: 01926 886438

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