How to Save Energy and Money by Improving Your Home in Coventry and Warwickshire

Green Deal

The Green Deal Scheme is currently suspended.

Green Deal was the government's replacement for previous grant schemes and is a loan repaid from your energy savings. The loan is on the house rather than the householder and is repaid through the electricity bill. If the house is sold, the new owner will continue to repay the remaining loan.

Green Deal logoThe loan repayment is based on the savings made by installing energy saving improvements. In this way, the combined cost of the new energy bill together with the loan repayment is no more than was paid previously. In other words, the improvements will eventually pay for themselves without the need for any upfront payment from the householder.

Although there could be a small reduction in your total energy bill initially, over time the saving will become bigger and bigger as energy costs rise.

The earlier you have improvements carried out, the sooner you start to save energy and money.

To make this work, there will be an energy assessment of the house and how the household uses energy. The assessment will identify the best improvements that save the most energy and the assessor will create a Green Deal Plan. The plan may include several improvements and calculate the repayment based on the cost of the measures and the energy saved over a reasonable lifetime for each measure.

There are several organisations, called Green Deal Providers, which are accredited to arrange the assessment, installation of measures and finance. Green Deal Providers may be energy suppliers, building companies, contractors or even banks and a list of the approved ones are available at

In certain circumstances it may be possible to obtain a contribution towards the cost of the measures with a subsidy through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and your local council may have made arrangements with a local organisation to refer householders to a suitable Green Deal Provider.

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund
This replaced the previous Green Deal Cashback and is now back after becoming oversubscribed and closing in July 2014. It is designed to help support the cost of the energy saving home improvements recommended in an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or Green Deal Assessment Report (GDAR). The main features of the current scheme are:-

  • Up to £5,100 is available depending on the property ( £5,600 for new buyers)
  • Available for home owners, private sector landlords or tenants (if they pay for the improvements)
  • Funding is still limited and only guaranteed for the first £30m.

BREAKING NEWS (12 December 2014);- All funds planned for solid wall insulation were allocated within the first 24 hours.

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