How to Save Energy and Money by Improving Your Home in Coventry and Warwickshire

Improve Your Home

Carrying out energy saving improvements to your home will save energy, money and reduce carbon emissions. Wasting energy doesn‘t make any sense when it’s actually cheaper to invest in having a more efficient home.
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Comparing the total energy saving over the lifetime of the improvement measure with its installation cost will tell you the cost effectiveness of the improvement.

Some improvements will repay their cost from the energy savings in just a few months such as low energy lights and others over a few years. If the improvement has a particularly long life expectancy such as loft insulation, the saving over time can be enormous.
Cavity Wall Insulation
It's fairly certain that the cost of energy is not going to reduce in the long term so any savings you make now, will become much greater in the future. This applies to all types of improvements including insulation, more efficient boilers and heating controls, more efficient lighting and appliances and the same applies to generating renewable energy.

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