How to Save Energy and Money by Improving Your Home in Coventry and Warwickshire

Warm Air Heaters can save energy and money

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What is it?

Warm air heaters provide central heating by distributing heated air into each room of the house

What will it save me?

Upgrading to a modern heater should save around 25% of your heating costs

How do I get it?

This needs to be installed by a specialist heating contractor

What does it cost?

A new air heater could cost around £2,000 (2013)

What are the technical details?

Warm air heating systems are favoured by many because it provides effective warm air circulation in the winter and cool air in the summer, it heats the rooms rapidly and the small vents take up little wall space. However, it is only usually practical to install in a new house so that the air ducts can be suitably concealed in the structure.
warm air heater
A central unit contains the gas heater and a fan to distribute warm air through ducts to each room and cool air from the room is returned to the unit to be reheated. This continues until the programmer or room thermostat switches it off.
warm air timer
If you have an existing gas warm air system where the heater is showing signs of problems, it is worth replacing it with a new one. New warm air heaters are more efficient than earlier types with more sophisticated controls. This combination results in effective heating with lower fuel bills.

Many warm air heaters will heat a hot water cylinder by using a separate boiler fitted inside the heater. This is controlled independently of the air heater from the programmer. If the cylinder is replaced then fit one with 80mm thick foam insulation, otherwise fit an additional jacket to the existing insulation.

Installing gas warm air heaters will require the services of a GasSafe heating contractor who specialises in warm air heaters. If you have an existing LPG or oil warm air heater and gas isn't available then replacing it with a high efficiency heater. The only DIY part of using this type of unit is to clean the air filter regularly.